TRU Contracts completed this office refurbishment project during COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which presented unique challenges and opportunities for the team. The project involved the renovation of an existing office space, including the structural restoration and then new flooring and decoration.

We took on a heritage building with the challenge of bring it back up to a modern standard but still respecting the heritage. The door handles were restored to their original state and attached to new wooden doors. The reception floor was restored and a star detail showcases as you walk into the building creating a wow factor for guests.

One of the key challenges was the lack of materials available in the UK. We had to shift our workflow to allow for the delay in material delivery’s. Despite these challenges, TRU Contracts was able to complete the project on time and within budget, delivering a beautiful and functional office space for the client. The new furniture, partitions, and decoration were carefully selected to create a modern and welcoming environment that would boost employee productivity and morale.

The office refurbishment project was also an opportunity for TRU Contracts to showcase their expertise in creative problem-solving and adaptability. The pandemic presented several unexpected challenges, but the team was able to work collaboratively with the client to find solutions that met their needs while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

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