We provide Office Partitions in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Partitioning systems

We supply and install a range of office partitions in and around Birmingham varying in size, materials to suit every use.

Office Partitions Birmingham

Solid Partitions

Solid partitions fitted to suit your requirements. Our design team will listen to your needs and propose the best solutions for your space

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions provide a good balance between open spaces and privacy. It can make spaces look larger and brighten up larger offices.

Office Partitions Birmingham

Jumbo Stud Partitions

Excellent and cost effective way to divide up your larger spaces. Our customers asked for a Jumbo Stud wall to divide up their warehouse for the different aspects of the factory.

Office Partitions Birmingham

Grazebrook Park

Partitions were integral to the success of the design of the factory. As part of a larger refurbishment we divided up the 2 large factory with careful space planning

The Process

How we can help.

Office Partitions Birmingham

Book a site visit

We carry out a site visit before undertaking any work to ensure perfectly fit partitioning.

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Get a Quote & Design

We will provide you with a quote and a set of drawings. We can also visualise the space to help find the best solution for you.

We supply and Install

Our team of in-house fitters will complete the installation of your new office partitioning, leaving your space clean and tidy.

Case Study

Use partitions to Brighten up your office Hallways

How we used Office Partitions Birmingham.

When we first entered into the Hall and Pickles office we immediately noticed the lack of light. The solid partitions were blocking the windows and stopping the natural light form entering the communal spaces.

Glass partitions offer several benefits over solid partitions when it comes to creating brighter hallways.

Glass partitions allow natural light to flow through, illuminating the space and reducing the need for artificial lighting. This not only creates a brighter and more inviting atmosphere but also helps save on energy costs.

Office Partitions Birmingham

Additionally, the transparency of glass partitions promotes a sense of openness and connectivity, making the hallway feel more spacious and less confined.

Glass partitions also provide visual access, allowing people to see across the hallway, which can enhance safety and security. Finally, glass partitions can be designed in various styles and finishes, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to the surroundings.


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